Shelly's Medication Services proprietary pharmacy centric eMAR system is a complete workflow and management system that sets itself apart with an intuitive user interface and common sense function at the point of care. Created by a team of experienced LTC professionals with over 80 years of facility and pharmacy operational experience, Shelly's eMAR system promotes enhanced workflow efficiency, medication charting accuracy, and a safer medication management process. The eMAR system ensures your facility delivers superior resident care. Because the system is pharmacy centric, our experienced clinicians enter the orders directly in to the order entry module and pushes the data back to the facility for verification and eventually populating the appropriate fields in the electronic medical record.

With Shelly's eMAR system many of our clients have experienced:

  • Eliminate time spent on monthly recap process
  • Quick and easy adoption by nursing staff and temporaries. Nurses are easily guided through the medication administration process reducing the med pass time and enhancing resident care
  • Elimination of the well documented inefficiencies of paper MAR charting forms with more accurate medication administration electronic charting
  • The potential for medication errors are greatly reduced and having access to a resident picture ID assists clinicians with right resident, right medication, before administration of medications
  • There is enhanced and more constant communication to the pharmacy with a Pharmacy Centric model and workflow becomes more streamlined at the point of care
  • Administrators and clinicians have immediate access to reports detailing data in real time

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