Shelly's Medication Services provides pharmaceutical services tailored to meet the specific needs of each facility or organization with which we work. Our goal is to provide service, partnership, and support in all areas of pharmacy healthcare. Shelly's business has been built on a tradition of superb customer service and our organization is committed to providing quality pharmaceutical services, along with education and development of your staff to maximize total resident care.


  • Working in conjunction with your Medical Director, our team of clinical experts will facilitate the development and management of a LTC formulary specific to your facility. With the use of internal software systems, policy and procedures, and staff education, it is possible to achieve above a 90% compliance rate for the chosen formulary.
  • Pharmaceutical care planning including pre-admission screening, to assure that medication therapy is designed for the disease state management best suited for resident's medical conditions.
  • Medication dispensing systems including seven-day cassettes, and slide packs. The cassette system is sequenced by resident, date, and time of administration. Our drug distribution systems are proven to save nursing staff time with our automated reordering system and the check-in of routine oral medications by pharmacy staff.
  • Our clinicians have extensive experience working with all Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) in the region. Additionally our staff will provide Medicare D PDP Formulary Management Services from contacting physicians for prior authorizations and order changes, to assisting our clients with managing formulary compliance to achieve cost savings to both the resident and facility.
  • Our dedicated transition team will develop a comprehensive transition plan in collaboration with facility staff and will begin the transition process only after there is full acceptance the documented activities, responsibilities, and processes will meet the facility's requirements for a smooth and seamless transition.

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